SplashSave Foundation

SplashSave has been working with various partners to provide water safety education materials to disadvantaged children over the past four years.

The World Health Organisation Global Drowning Report (link)


lists drowning as one of the worlds leading causes of death that is highly preventable. Two of the key interventions that drive better outcomes are active engagement of local communities, caregivers and parents in water safety knowledge, and early education in water safety and basic swimming skills.

Funding has been provided by Water Safety New Zealand and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) to provide funded SplashSave Packs to higher risk communities in NZ.

Funds are also raised through each pack sold by SplashSave, donations from supportive individuals / organisations and crowd-sourcing campaigns

SplashSave Foundation Projects have so far included:

- Working with Plunket Nursing Association to distribute packs to families in areas where higher drowning rates occur in New Zealand

- Translating the pack into Te Reo Maori (Indiginous language of New Zealand) for distribution in Maori communities where drowning rates are higher

- Working with Parent Centres and Kindergartens to run information sessions for parents and reach children in higher risk geographic locations and where access to early water safety education is more challenging.

- Work with the New Zealand Community Trust to distribute packs to local communities and reach families where financial barriers to purchasing the pack may exist.

- We have a number of other projects in the pipeline which include international aid approaches - watch this space for more information and how you can help and get involved. 

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