You can make your child water safe.

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We all worry about the worst that can happen when visiting a home with a pool or going to the river or beach.

SplashSave has been designed by leading experts in swimming and water safety to give you everything you need to teach you and your family to swim and be safe.

With our busy lives, committing to swimming lessons can be difficult and expensive. While it is vital children learn these skills it can end up at the bottom of the pile and ignored. This is when accidents happen. More children than ever are missing out on some basic life skills which puts your child at a higher risk of drowning.  

What if we told you there is now another exciting option that not only saves you money but also gives you control of when and where your child’s lessons take place. Join the thousands of parents taking control by teaching your child some key basic water skills.


It is proven the earlier a child can gain water confidence the easier they will learn more complex swimming techniques and best of all it’s great fun and an opportunity for you to bond with your child. By using our proven techniques and just enjoying time with your children in the water you can watch them grow and learn in front of your eyes.

That’s why we have broken down everything that a swim teacher does when teaching your child water safety and put it in an easy-to-understand pack of fun materials that you and your child learn together. The SplashSave programme gives you the complete guide on what you need to teach your child to be safe and have a lifelong enjoyment of the water.




The programme includes

  • A 70-page book with three years of fun teaching materials in an easy-to-understand format so that you and your child can follow the steps together and see all of the fun games to play together in the water.


  • 5 x waterproof lessons sheets full of fun games that can be used in the water so you can remember what you wanted to do while you are in the water having fun.

  • 5 x fun certificates to celebrate your child’s achievements along the way so you can keep them motivated and enjoy seeing them grow in confidence.


All of these are delivered to your door in a handy swim bag for your trip to the pool for only $69! - Buy today and you can purchase your programme with a 30% discount for only $48.50. 

The programme covers all the basics of swimming as well as water safety at beaches, rivers and on boats. All of the materials have been designed in line with global best practice for water safety early education. This gives you the confidence you need when visiting the water.

The SplashSave parent pack is filled with games which kids find challenging and entertaining, making it easy for you to understand the concepts as well. The pack is designed with your child as the centre of focus, it is bright, colorful and heaps of fun. That’s why you follow our friendly and funny TK Turtle character every step of the way!

The SplashSave programme has been tried and tested since 2017 and has been proven through trials that:

97% of parents continue to use the SplashSave programme on a weekly basis

Confidence grew in both parent/caregiver and child by over 40% in under 3 months of use.


Don't take our word for it. Here are some reviews from parents that have taken the lead and started teaching their family these basic life skills.

"And what surprised us is how willing Xavier was to get involved. Usually he will scream and cry but not with this. He floated both on his back and on his front with Luke holding him, he kicked holding onto the side of the pool, he let Luke put water over his head without crying and he even put his mouth in the water and blew bubbles."

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Features & details of the SplashSave programme 

  • Three years of activities and skills that can be used with multiple children that would cost an average of $1,560 per child if you signed up to a swim school.
  • The programme covers the following topics
    • How to build water confidence
    • Teaching submersion and having fun under the water
    • Floating and how to ensure your child can stay on top of the water
    • Kicking and moving through the water
    • Key survival skills and tips to keep yourself safe at the beach, river and on the boat!

  • CONTENTS OF THE PROGRAMME :- All the tools you need to teach your child core swimming and water safety skills with lots of fun games, ideal for 0-8 year old children. This means you have everything you need to become your child’s swimming teacher.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE :- The pack covers everything from the basics of being in the bath to being safe around pools, rivers, oceans and while boating. Teach your child to swim at times that work for your busy schedule rather than at set swim school class time each week. This allows you not only to manage your time but means you and your family can learn to be safe together!

  • SAVE MONEY :- Our product can be used to save thousands of dollars on traditional swim school fees by teaching the water safety basics yourself. You can also use it with more than one child to increase your savings.
  • SPECIAL TIME WITH YOUR CHILDREN :- By teaching your child yourself, you can enjoy the highly rewarding experience of having fun and spending quality time with you child while teaching them to swim.
  • PEACE OF MIND :- You can now relax knowing that your children have learned the very critical lifesaving skill of being able to swim and stay water safe as they grow up.



If you are not 100% satisfied with your SplashSave programme we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Not only that for every programme purchased 20% goes directly to the SplashSave Foundation that provides free swimming and water safety for those communities that need it most.  By getting your SplashSave pack today you will be making your family more water safe as well as helping those less fortunate families to gain the lifelong skill of swimming and water safety.


The SplashSave programme covers the first three years of a child's basic learn to swim needs which would cost you nearly $1,600 per child on average.  With the SplashSave programme you get to choose the times that you go to the pool and for a one off cost of $69 FOR THREE YEARS! A major money and time saver. 

There is also ongoing support of fully qualified swimming teachers to help you along the way. You will find them through our Facebook page and through contacting us on this website.

Purchase today and use the code FACEBOOK to receive a further reduction on your program - BUY TODAY AND YOU CAN GET YOURS FOR ONLY $48.50 


All you need to do is click BUY NOW, enter some simple details and we will ship your SplashSave programme the next day!




Enjoy teaching your children how to be water safe.


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