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SplashSave is on a mission to reduce global drowning rates

SplashSave is on a mission to reduce global drowning rates by helping parents have the special experience of being the swim teacher for their own children. We passionately believe every child should have access to water safety education and that the cost of swim schools, or where you come from in the world, should never be a barrier to this.

That’s why SplashSave exists, and every decision we have ever made has been to help achieve these aims. The SplashSave Pack is filled with all the fun games we have played with our own kids at the pool. We help you (whatever your own swimming ability) and the kids in your life, every step of the way.

As parents and swim teachers ourselves it was really important to us that the pack was designed with your child as the centre of focus, the pack is bright, colourful and heaps of fun. That’s why you follow our friendly and funny TK Turtle character every step of the way!

Most people are surprised when they hear how high drowning rates are. UNICEF describe it as the “silent epidemic” and the World Health Organisation cite it as one of three leading causes of preventable death for children. Tragically, over a 1,000 people die from drowning every day, it is in the top five causes of death for children in most developed nations, and sadly the statistics are much worse in the developing world.

SplashSave is a proud social enterprise and is determined to make a difference by removing the cost barriers of water safety education, we donate 20% of proceeds on every pack sold to raise funds for The SplashSave Foundation that provide free water safety education to those that need it the most. So if you buy our pack, not only will you have lots of fun and save money on traditional swim schools, but you’ll also be literally saving other kids lives too!

SplashSave was started in 2011 by brothers Phil & Richard who have five kids between them, Phil has been a swim teacher for over 18 years and Richard has been designing education materials for a similar amount of time. After providing the pack to friends and family and selling it locally at parent centres and local markets, it was noticed by Water Safety New Zealand as a great concept.

The pack was evaluated against global water safety standards and results were measured from families using the packs, the results showed major improvements in water safety skills, parent confidence and best of all each pack was being used with between 2-5 kids! Since then, alongside providing packs through our website, SplashSave has raised over $50,000 to reach higher risk communities.

We know you will love using the SplashSave Pack as thousands of others have, we promise that using the pack with your child is one of those very special, and great fun things you can do with your child as they grow up, and aside from the fun and peace of mind, you’ll also know you made a major difference in someone else’s life too.

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