The SplashSave Foundation

The SplashSave Foundation is a registered charity under the charities act 1957 CC58628.

SplashSave is a social enterprise with a simple mission in mind - To provide every child with the opportunity to learn basic swimming and water safety skills.We provide swim teaching materials (The SplashSave Pack) to parents & caregivers of 0-8 year old kids so they can enjoy the fun and rewarding experience of teaching their own child to swim. It's great fun, saves money and ultimately saves lives.

SplashSave does two things:

We raise funds to deliver projects that provide SplashSave Packs for free to the communities that need them the most. Donate to the charity here

We also sell packs to parents who can afford them (a small cost compared to swim lessons) and 20% of proceeds from each pack bought goes back towards our fund raising projects.

Buy your Splashsave Pack and start teaching your child today here


How you can help

Make a donation here and 100% of this will go towards current community projects.

Buy a pack for yourself, or for a loved one and 20% of proceeds go towards current community projects.

SplashSave is partnered and supported by Water Safety New Zealand, Parent Centre, ACC and the Kōhanga Reo Trust.

Current Project:
Teach a child to swim for $30

Drowning in New Zealand is too high and Learn to swim is an expensive exercise. For only $30 you can help a child learn basic swimming and water safety skills that may one day save their life.

We aim to provide as many children as possible with this lifesaving resource please donate kindly to our Give A Little.


So far the SplashSave foundation has raised over $200,000 to provide lifesaving water safety and swimming skills to communities that needed it most! We need your help to continue to provide this lifesaving skill for free.

    Working with Parent Centres and Kindergartens to run information sessions for parents and reach children in higher risk geographic locations and where access to early water safety education is more challenging.

    Work with the New Zealand Community Trust to distribute packs to local communities and reach families where financial barriers to purchasing the pack may exist.

    We have a number of other projects in the pipeline which are all targeted to providing free swimming and water safety lessons to our tamariki in New Zealand.


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