Water Safety

Experience the Benefits of Our Water Safety Program We here at Splash Save are truly committed to the safety of children in the water. Our tailored water safety program has proven to be highly beneficial for many young swimmers, of varying levels, throughout New Zealand.

As part of our commitment to water safety, we are excited to present regularly updated info and tips to help you and your child. We invite you to stay tuned for all of our latest updates!

The SplashSave - Learn to Swim Teaching Pack for Parents is a proven end to end teaching system that gives you all the tools and materials you need to teach your kids to be safe around water. Not only will this provide huge peace of mind, you will be amazed at how much fun you and your child will have playing the wide range of games and fun exercises contained in the pack.

Using a DIY parent approach to teaching water safety is not only loads of fun it, can be done at times that suit your busy schedule and could save your household a lot of money compared to going to a traditional swim school.

Make now the time you take action and teach your child how to swim, have lots of fun with your little one around water as you play the games and follow the SplashSave turtle through the simple step by step process to become water safe. You will build an even stronger bond with your child as they grow their confidence in water and look forward to spending time with you.

In an evaluative study of the SplashSave pack in New Zealand which covered over 1,000 children, parents gave a 98% satisfaction rating for the accessibility of the material and how easy they were to follow. The parents also reported an increase in their children’s water confidence from 46% to 83% (37% increase) over a three month period. SplashSave has been involved in a number of partnership initiatives with Water Safety New Zealand, Plunket (Government funded early childhood services) and the national network of New Zealand Parent Centres.

The World Health Organisation “Global Report on Drowning - Preventing a Leading Killer” outlined that much more attention was required across the world with drowning rates increasing by between 39% and 50% in nations such as the USA, Australia and Finland. Drowning is also in the top five causes of death for children in 48 of the 85 countries where data is available, this includes the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of South America. Anecdotally the problem is even more acute in Asia and Africa where data is less available. The World Health Organisation study outlines that educating children from an early age and engaging communities in both quality water safety education and prevention measures such as active supervision and safety barriers is at the heart of addressing these terrible statistics.

Take action today and get your SplashSave Learn to Swim Pack to have lots of fun with your children, save lots of money on traditional swim school fees and have the peace of mind that your child will be water safe for life.